What is Mingle Paths?

These are some of the features you will find on Mingle Paths


Import your own reading material or pick from our selection. Read whatever keeps you interested.


Mingle Paths will learn what words you know and suggest articles based on your knowledge.


You will begin to notice all the connections between words. This is the true power of reading in your target language.

Picking up a language through reading

There is no better way to pick up vocabulary and gain an intuition for grammar than reading authentic material in your target language. Mingle Paths is an intelligent system that lets you mark words you want to learn and it will highlight them when you see them again. This reinforces the learning process to deeper your understanding of the language.

Automatically generated flashcards to speed up your learning

Flashcards and spaced repetition systems (SRS) are proven to dramatically improve your learning. However, when you make your own flashcards you often remember a card because of something about the card, not necessarily because you are remembering the word or phrase. Mingle Paths' intelligent flashcard system automatically generates flashcards for you that change slightly everytime you use them. Providing you with new contexts all the time.

Learn from what interests you

Predefined content on other language learning platforms works great in the beginning. But when the learning gets tough (it always does right?) then you need the content to be interesting and engaging for you. The best way to keep it engaging is to read the content you want to know about. Interesting blogs, books or articles that you would read in your native language. Mingle Paths allows you to import target language material and use it with all the power of the Mingle Paths platform.

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